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Top tips for
freelance sellers

tips for seller globashare

Great ways to freelance and
work online

Working from home or creating a side-gig, Globashare offers a powerful set of freelancer and online work tools to get you monetizing your work fast.

Unlike other freelance platforms, is now one of the best marketplaces for freelancers, in terms of offering multiple sale types, networking and audience building.

While most online job sites are building walls around user communication, Globashare’s is keeping the platform open. Why, as a social enterprise we are here to grow your work world, maximise opportunities and create more work for everyone, not matter where of who they are.

Grow your freelance world

The power of is that it lets you sell in combinations of sale types. Why stop at selling a digital download, when you can offer a video course, a subscription or a service? Also Globashare allows you to maximise you online networking through its social network and powerful sharing features.

Getting started

Globashare is the freelance platform that will get you feeling like a freelance pro in no time.

  1. First consider what type of offering can get you started right away.
  2. Can you offer a service?
  3. Or do you have digital content you want to offer.

Maybe you are looking to supplement your YouTube channel or an offline passion -then try offering a monthly subscription, here are the basic

Ways of selling

Selling Services

Globashare is the online marketplace for freelance services. Offering the latest tools with the lowest commission in the market. To sell a service simple click “Create share page” and select “Sell as a Service” from the resulting selector. When pricing a service note that your offer price covers is an initial price to carry out a service as described in your page’s description. Once a purchase request has been made you may negotiate a custom job with your buyer.

Selling subscriptions

On Globashare you have three flavours of subscription share pages
• Subscribe at a fixed monthly fee – a Patreon style subscription page.
• Subscribe Free/premium – offer a free news feed, with the ability to make some posts “paid to access”
• Subscribe free with donations – Access a news feed that allows you to accept donations.

Unlike Patreon you are not limited to a single “subscription” share page for your world of content – on Globashare you can create as many other “share pages” as you like with different payment modes and different content types and digital downloads including the ability to:

Selling digital downloads

Looking to sell digital products online? Well Globashare has it all. Whether you are a photographer, illustrator, researcher, analyst, coder, business information provider, lawyer, designer, game developer, author, writer or an audio and music creator. Simply click “create share page”, give your share page a name and description, upload you content and add a price. It takes all of 3 minutes to be up and selling. But don’t stop there, start sharing your offering around the web, using Globashare’s powerful selling tools.

Selling Video Courses,

Whether it’s one episode or multiple episodes, whatever your industry selling courses is an excellent way to get your offerings rolling. To get started simply select courses from the 1st category selector when creating a share page. Name your course and add a description. You will need to upload a trailer or a still image to as the cover of your share page. Then get ready to upload all of your videos, you may assign custom thumbnails to each episode. All that’s left to do is to price your course and start selling

Selling Film, video and documentaries

Sell your video online easily and simply. To get started simply select Film and Video from category selector when creating a share page. Name your video and add a description. You will need to upload a trailer or a still image to as the cover of your video share page. Then upload your main vide. Now All that’s left to do is to price your course and start selling

tips for seller globashare

How to sell by industry

If you are not sure how to combine offerings within your work profile or industry, take a look at
the below ideas that may get your inspiration flowing

tips for seller globashare

Non-profit or an early-stage entrepreneurs

Share page type/ Subscriptions / Donations Option Are you a non-profit or an early-stage entrepreneur looking to get funded? Then creating a donations page is the rout for you. Simply select “Subscription” from the sales type when creating a share page, then the donations option when pricing the page.

tips for seller globashare

Selling for Lawyers

For lawyers when it comes to freelancing online naturally one would jump to the idea of selling a service. That’s great, but why stop there, now you can sell publications, courses, and subscriptions. With subscriptions you can drip-feed or impart valued information on a monthly basis – free with some posts paid or on a fully-paid basis. The more offerings you add the more you can engage and sell to clients new and old.

tips for seller globashare

Coders & Developers

For coders and developers working on Globashare offers a world of options. Sell scripts, templates, services, courses or subscriptions. There so much you can do. Start by what you have ready and add offerings as you go. The more you add the greater your world will grow

tips for seller globashare


For designers creating is an on-going way of life. Trends pop-up all the time. Seasonal opportunities arise and your production produces unexpected outcomes. Whether you are designing UX’s, 3D models, Infographics, Templates, games or brands, Globashare freelancing platform offers you all the options to maximising your output.

For designers you have so many options, the best place to start is with where you are ready. If it’s a service, start by offering not one, but as many as you can within reason. Offer character design, and a branding service for example.
Next create some digital downloads. Upload all those old designs that when unused.

Create a subscription, drip feeding designs or a how-to video course. It’s up to you.

tips for seller globashare

Finance Experts and Market Analysis

The world of finance is fast moving. Globashare’s got you when it comes to creating fast offerings. Do you hold valued information? Do you offer services that need to be offered and closed efficiently?

For financial services, you can offer; publications, services, subscription newsfeeds and courses.

tips for seller globashare


For journalists Globashare is the ideal platform to create your own news channel. Offering journalists and Photo-journalists the options to sell publications, photographs, services, subscription newsfeeds and courses.

Of interest and new for journalists is the ability to offer ongoing subscriptions. Paid or free with some posts paid. A great way to leverage your opportunities

tips for seller globashare

Freelance Artists & Illustrator

A great way to monetise artists and illustrators, is to offer digital copies of your work, to offer video courses or subscriptions with video posts offering insight into your processes.
You can also offer commissions as a service
Stay tuned to this info there’s more to come. Subscribe here to the Globashare blog

tips for seller globashare


Globashare is the ideal platform to create your own self-publishing channel. With options to sell publications, services, subscription newsfeeds and courses. Stay connected to followers by creating your own news-feed/blog. “Paid” or “free with some posts paid”. A great way to leverage your insight.