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Our Team, advisors and supporters

Globashare is the story of people who love the ideas that turn "Me" to "We". It's the story of what happens when a group of people with shared values harness their collective skills and passion for driving social impact.

| Robert Hammond |

Entrepreneur, Creative & Product designer

“Democratising the world of work is a driving force behind our mission” As a serial entrepreneur and advocate of using technology as a force for good, I’ve earned a reputation for human-centric product development. Like most creatives, collaborating virtually around the globe has positively impacted the way I do business. However, I have always been frustrated by the barriers of traditional economies that seemly profoundly out of touch with the emergent needs of today’s marketplace. At Globashare, the future of work is everybody's business, and democratising the world of work so that it can become more equitable and inclusive has been a driving force behind our mission. I hope that the opportunities our platform offers our community of buyers and sellers to trade with the power of a corporation will have a positive impact on the future of work forever.

Globashare founder - Leila
Globashare founder - Leila

| Saad Hameed |

Gaming Pioneer, Public Speaker & Tech Entrepreneur

“It’s the sweet spot between people and technology that will help us change the world” When I founded Game District, Pakistan’s leading games publishing company, I was motivated to create a company that could give back to its community. We achieved this through a solid commitment to inspiring a generation through strong leadership & mentoring programs that could support young tech enthusiasts and talented knowledge workers. As the knowledge economy and its workforce reel from the impacts of global events, I believe that we all have a moral duty to support and empower people and communities in every way we can by pooling our collective resources. The mission of Globashare profoundly resonates with the values that drive me, as I believe it’s the sweet spot between people and technology that will help us change the world.

| Leila Mroueh |

Dot Joiner, Community Builder

As a former technophobe who still carries a pencil everywhere I go, I like to think of myself as an active contributor to the 'warm-web' – an eco-system that joins the dots between people, spaces and places and unlocks social capital so we can all do more with less. A career-long advocate of using culture, media and technology as a force for change, I have contributed to the development of large-format TV Edutainment shows in the Middle East, where I learned first-hand that talent is everywhere, but opportunities are not. As a Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs, I am deeply committed to the role that social innovation can play in addressing this imbalance. Brokering equitable opportunities for a vibrant, empowered Globashare Community to ‘work’ and thrive in a sharing economy feels like a great place to start.

Globashare founder - Leila
Globashare founder - Leila

| Ghassan Nawfal |

Founder | Serial Seller

I have always dreamt to have “Serial Seller” on the back of my business card and that's because I have spent the past 15 years doing everything I can to help people learn the Art & Science of selling. We ALL sell something, whether you believe it or not however some are better than others. While paying little to no attention to the ever-increasing role of technology in sales I have recently woken up from a bad dream with a new mission in life. My mission has been transformed to empowering and enabling people around the world to monetize their skills, knowledge and knowhow with the help of technology - this is my definition for sales. Globashare to me is the baby child of sales and technology whereby our goal is to change the way business is done forever and empower everyone to sell.